From Kusmi's workshops to your cup

Kusmi Tea creates your favorite blends using meticulous methods, the finest raw materials, and artisanal techniques. But do you actually know how our teas are made? Come with us as we take you behind the scenes of our production workshops …

Premium raw materials

Kusmi sources its high-quality products in the form of whole leaves from tea-producing countries. These are then shipped to Saint-Vigor-d’Ymonville near Le Havre in Normandy, where our production work shops are located. After receiving the delivery, our teams of specialists carry out rigorous checks and take samples for quality control. A special service takes these samples to a laboratory where they are tasted and tested with the utmost care. After the lab gives the green light, the tea can then be stored methodically in our 65,000-ft.-sq. warehouse!

Small-scale workshops

Our productions workshops carry out their missions based on a daily schedule. According to the product set for creation on any given day, they order the ingredients they need to make the ancestral blends from the warehouse located less than 650 feet away.

Some days are given over to producing loose tea, while others are focused on tea bags. But regardless of the product, the methods stay the same. The ingredients are delivered to the different parts of the workshop before being weighed. Our experts follow the “recipes” to create the specific blends, which are then packaged by cutting-edge machinery. The teams then apply the stickers by hand to seal the teas and place the lids on top of the tins.

There are seven rooms in our workshop, and each is devoted to making a specific type of product, including loose teas, bags, tins, and gift sets. And each area is named after one of our teas!

From Normandy across the world

Our teas are checked again and stored in our warehouse before being sent to their final destinations. At this point they are closer than ever to your cups, awaiting delivery to our 110 boutiques and our partner stores. A whole section is given over to online orders. And while the product selection process is automated, each package is put together, checked, and optimized manually by our workers before being sent across the world to your home sweet home

Now you know a little more about what goes on behind the scenes at Kusmi Tea, and the specific steps in how your tea is made! All that’s left to do is to make yourself comfortable with one of our blends, thinking of the distance it has travelled before reaching your cup to offer up its unique flavor.

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