Kusmi Tea Chai Latte Recipe

Of all the tea-based recipes, the chai Latte is one of the most popular. Both comforting and refreshing, it can be enjoyed whatever the weather!

The history of Chai 

Chai is a type of tea originally grown in India, where it was first used as a medicinal remedy for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The recipes for making it vary greatly between the Indian regions, and many have since added milk for a little extra creaminess.

Kusmi Tea’s very own Tchai

Kashmir Tchai is one of Kusmi Tea’s oldest blends and was most likely created during the time when tea caravans would cross all of Asia to reach Russia. This classic blend comprises the traditional spices and plants often associated with Chai, including cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and a hint of bay leaf.

Ready? Set? Chai!

The Chai Latte is the drink enjoyed on a daily basis in India. And across the world, thirsty fans indulge in a version “to go” while wandering through their favorite neighborhoods, and as part of afternoon tea in the planet’s most prestigious tea rooms.

For your future tea breaks, here is a Chai Latte recipe that is both easy and delicious:

– Infuse 2 or 3 bags of Kashmir Tchai for 3 or 4 minutes – Heat the milk*, then beat it to obtain a frothy consistency – Fill a mug two-thirds full with tea, then add sugar or honey – Add one third of hot, frothy milk – Sprinkle with cinnamon or cardamom

* We also love it with non-dairy milks such as almond and soya…

Remember, variety is the spice of life! With that in mind, you can also use the iconic Prince Vladimir blend with its notes of citrus and vanilla.

Whether for one, two, or more, when’s your next Chai Latte?

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